getStartedWelcome to our self-paced fully online course.

This course is designed to assist entry level college students with instructions on “Basic Formatting with American Psychological Association (APA) Style Papers”.

Each module contains self directed instructional videos. These are stand-alone lessons to help you navigate the basics and become more productive and effective when creating American Psychological Association (APA) style papers.

Module 1 – Introduction to this Course
Define, Recognize and Identify APA
by: Michelle Hanners

Module 2 – Basic Page Format Part 1
Basic Format – Typeface, Spacing, and Margins
by: Tammy Hotchkiss

Module 3 – Basic Page Format Part 2
Title Page, Hanging Indents & Running Head
by: Cati Rhodes

Module 4 – References
Reference Page
by: Charell Coleman

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